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When You are Unconscious

I recognise where you are now
mirroring the contrast of where I am
yet I do not, like before
for I noticed that it irks you more.

So I listen openly and available
to what you have to express now
acknowledging fully where you are coming from
and the arising of your mental state.

Remaining calm in mine
I reach out to hold your hand
not as means to make you feel better
or even agree with what you say
but merely as a natural movement
that would come from Love
to embrace you as you are
and love you in silence for a while.

And I make no attempt to correct you
because I have no wish to rescue you
simply loving, trusting and watching you lovingly
with clarity, openness and respect.

For all you need right now
is merely to speak or feel
and I am not here to comfort you
what more to judge you of
but merely be in your presence
for my own unreasonable sake
and it has nothing to do with you
I am just simply captivated
even when you are unconscious.

Soon when you finally wake up
from that sorrowful hurtful dream
I love you still, unwavering
and if we do happen to talk about it
I hold your hand once more
this time smiling in delight
loving you in the moment
at the same time revisiting that instance
of blessed grandeur granted
to love you despite of.

And if you invite my point of view
I openly share my two cents
and together we giggle and laugh a little bit more
strolling towards the setting sun.

3 Responses to “When You are Unconscious”

  1. Lynn says:

    this is the most beautiful and endearing poem i have ever read, G. ths is just so.. breath-taking. i could feel it.. feel you writing it, feel it in the moment. feel the love… so beautiful.

  2. Debbie says:

    Truly moving and lovely.

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