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Sweet baby
The other day you went to school
Excited to go on your “pretend” holiday
With your little “pretend” holiday bag
Looking forward to a fun filled experience
As you walked into the school gate.

Mommi came to pick you up at 2
Suddenly noticing all your friends
Dressed up fancy and in holiday clothes
Except you, in uniform.

You ran to mommi and cried
Explaining that you were supposed to wear pretty clothes
And not your usual uniform
Mommi didn’t know, sweetheart
Mommi didn’t know.

Mommi held you in my arms
Allowing your tears to flow
As you sobbed in front of your teachers and friends
Staying present to your process.

As you sat in the backseat of the car
You sobbed even louder
As if in grief
Not able to live that experience.

Understanding your need to release
Mommi drove calmly
Occasionally turning back to touch you
Without saying a word.

When we got home
Mommi carried you into the house
And held you tenderly
Stroking your hair and cheek
Gently wiping away your tears
As you wrapped your arms around mommi
Still sore over what had happened.

Mommi asked you
If you were feeling left out
For being different
You shook your head softly
Revealing in honesty
That you felt the rest prettier than you
Because they were in pretty clothes
And you were not in pretty clothes.

I smile a little and hold you a little tighter
Reminding you
That you need not a pretty dress to make you pretty
Because you are already pretty
No matter what you wear;
Whether in uniform, in shorts
Or even in your nakedness
It is you that makes the dress pretty
And not the other way round.

I continue whispering into your ears
Sweet baby
Your beauty lies not in the dress you wear
For you are already pretty being you
So, so beautiful
And the world is a beautiful place
Because you are such a beautiful part of it.

At that moment
Your tears stopped flowing
Your eyes brightened
Your face calm
Your awakening mirroring mine
And suddenly everything was alright.

You point your finger at the tv
Drawing my attention there too
And both of us laugh together
At the cat in the hat who started reciting numbers speedily
Which were so hilarious
To both of us
Signifying the embrace of the Now moment
With joy, love and laughter
Already the past no longer matter.

We continue to lay side by side on the sofa
Giggling and laughing like little children
As we watched the sloth speak and move slowly
Shown on tv as part of the cat in the hat programme.

Holding each other so closely
Occasionally gazing and smiling into each other’s eyes
Losing sight of mommi and daughter
The world
No longer the adult or the child
Emerging simply
Of the benevolent
Lover and the Beloved.

*dedicated to the sweet T*

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  1. abichica says:

    wooowww!!! so beautiful..:-)

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