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I watch you
falling into a dream
tears finding their way
the voice breaking in murmurs
in rhythmic shadow hiccups
catching the breath of life
as if capable of losing it

You turn to me
reaching out your arms
requesting to be held for a little while
and it seemed necessary at that time
not that there is a choice
I embrace you anyway

If only I could tell you
how you were fine
happy, joyful
peacefully reading your book
playing with the iPad
watching the television
before the thought arised
before the memory arised
and the comparison of what has arised in thought and memory
with what is visually seen
experienced as opposites
that has caused the conflict
hence the feeling of missing
there after another thought
of not having—here and now
that arose another feeling of sadness
thus propelling into overwhelmingness
that resulted in your crying of woes
those sacred tears
of what they call “sweet”

Somehow you close your eyes
and fall asleep
tired from all those crying
and the funniest thing is
when you awake to greet the sun
the memory of last night totally wiped out
when I teased you
“do you know who is coming back tonight?”
you guessed and you guessed
kept getting it wrong
and asked if I could give a hint
ahh… such sweet innocence
and then you remembered
yet strangely
it didn’t really matter to you.

How odd
the contrast of
an arising thought
an arising memory
falling into dream
the absence of the same thought
joyfully living

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