there is here

there is somewhere there
which is here
yet not of here
the world
watching the layers
of multi-folds
of conditions
of cause and effect
of intent
of thought
of believer or non believer
of action
of ignorance
of wisdom
of evolution
yet not of it
spoken before
many a times
by many
yet not of the spoken
done before
many a times
yet not of the done
above the layers of multi-folds
but free to descend
to merge or immerse
with any of it
of choices
yet that too
some decree of deceit
when unseen
of whence the source comes from
though that too is fine
for what is here
yet not of here
emotionless, wandering
moving amongst
watching yet not really watching
for lack of a better word some says
if not
how else to represent
that somewhere there
which is here
yet not of here

where is the there which is here
what or who
in questioning and not
in inquiry and not
in judging and not
in healing and not
in forgiving and not
if, there is still probing…
if, there is still doubt…

go on, go on
step back somemore
with ease
it shall soon be seen
what is there which is here but not of here
but beyond
and beyond
the beyond

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