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The Blessed Lunatic

This feeling,
where does it come from?

Perception tells me
it is something else,
defining some possible grievance
not yet fully healed.

Yet if that is so,
why the smile so joyous?

And this feeling;
as if bursting with some vibration,
some trembling sensation,
ready to explode in elation!

Or perhaps,
what was before
all the while mistaken;
and now,
clear from confusion,
since there is no reason;

There is no music.
There is no movement.
There is no conversation.
There is no contact.

Yet somehow,
this feeling appears,
as if from beyond;

Warranting only –
some silly smile,
some ecstatic laughter,
some warmth in the heart,
some sort of embrace;

singing and being sung to,
dancing and being danced to;
like some lightheaded fool,
insanely in Love,
insanely in Love,
insanely in Love;
celebrating, being celebrated,
all occurring in One.

Loving, being loved;
the spread of flaps,
mindlessly oscillating,
returning to the middle;

and thereafter,
rested in sleep,
totally enthralled,
with a serene smile on the face,
not knowing where after,
not even mattering…

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