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Nevermind if it is a Buddha or Christ incarnation.

Have you done your work? Or are you doing your work? Why bother if it is a Buddha or Christ incarnation? How do they serve you when you read some stories? What comes up in the mind or what arises within you? Are you mindful or even aware? What are the further stories that come up in the mind masking the already story told by another?

So you ask, what if it is true? And how about questioning, what if it isn’t? And if it says what if it isn’t? How about asking it back what if it is true? How does it relate to you in experiential wise? Are you liberated by it? Or totally immerse into it? Are you inspired by it? Or does it become just another topic to speak of to another – for the sake of speaking or conversing? Do you learn anything from it?

It is doom’s day. It is a joyful celebration.

Are you watching? Inquiring? Listening? Discerning? Aware? Awake?

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