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Self Love

You tell me
Love is what I am
And all I need to do
Is to undo the blocks to Love’s awareness.

If that is the case
Why do I need to learn
How to love myself
Or even attempt on
How to love myself?

Is it not true
That if Love is what I am
I would not need to tell myself
“I need to love myself”
Lest at that moment
I am not of Love?

If I have no knowledge
On how to love myself
How do I go about loving myself
And self love myself
Lest I am already Love?

If I can’t even be
What I want to be
What I wish to be
Having to follow what is prescribed
To actions of what others refer to as self love
Surely I must not be loving myself
Or only mimicking that I love myself
When inside me
I am boiling with much hatred and anger
From unrecovered deep hurt and resentment.

And wouldn’t that bring me
Far more further away
From where I already am
Lest I am already Love
A realised One.

Let me realise instead
That I am Love
Rather than teaching me
How to love myself

Teach me instead
How to recognise what I am not
So that I can see it for myself
What I am not
And soon realise that
I am that Love
I am that Light
That I hear you see in me
That I hear you speak so often of.

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