The Reader

Mommi said to the daughter,

“Precious, I am going to a play.”

The daughter asked,

“Mommi, are you going to be in the play?”

Mommi said,

“No, precious… Do you wish for Mommi to be in a play?”

Then the daughter said,

“Mommi, I was just asking if you are going to be in the play.”

Mommi then said to the daughter,

“Oh precious, Mommi is already in a play, and so are you, in this play called ‘Life!’”

The daughter smiled and said,

“Mommi, we are like characters in a book and when we talk to each other, it is like someone is reading us.”

Mommi laughed and said,

“Well honey, who do you think the reader is?”

The daughter said,

“Oh, I don’t know Mommi; but the Reader sure likes to read alot…!”



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