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Neverending Needs

This whole darn world is driven by needs. When one is fulfilled, another comes to play… as if one can never be contented just being in the moment – each moment driven by one need and another and another… even when one is fulfilled and then consumed by a sense of satisfaction or a victorious moment, comes another of reliance, or dependence because of the roles we play, incessantly played out by ideas of limitations, of conditions, or needing and being needed – never, ever free from each other. Yet, is the key to cease all roles?

The need to love, be loved; the need to belong, be belonged; to have, to not have and etc… the wanting, the grasping, the craving… never one moment without another except for its intensities hence defining them as separate.

I need you, I want you – so darn ancient and familiar. All about “I” and “you”, never being complacent with just being, as in being with whatever that comes up thus leading to scheming, manipulating, doing, convincing. Even in a mere space of expression can be accompanied with the subtle intent of unconscious attack and defence hence propelling an argument or war of some sort either in physical sense or in the mind.

The tyranny of the world – never really freeing oneself and others entirely – always moving either towards oneself or others – one either obscuring the world or totally lost and immerse in the world – seldom is one balanced.

The game never ends. So what is comforting? Until one is willing to take full responsibility, until one is ready and willing to be brutally honest and truthful. Yet, how can one be when conditioning does not allow?

Choices – do we really have a choice except to be patient for the effects to wear out when wisdom is not at bay; for any form of “doing” void of wisdom is merely a propelling of ignorance stemming from the wrong, defiled attitude of running away and hence creating the repeated moment of running away, running away and running away again.

Let’s stay here. Still, and accept what is, as in whatever that is arising within here and now. Whatever it is, and allow it all to be fully blown up and then fully flushed out of the system –  of course, until the next wave hits again. They are simply emotions, just effects because the cause was not seen and there is nothing to do about them to get rid of them. Simply nature of how things are as in the cause and effect of it… this idea, this reality, this emotion; and then when and if the realisation hits, it is over…. and then the choice to experience another – whether it is a entirely new experience, or a repeated one (though in variation of its relatives); with wisdom, we can’t really lose; but without wisdom to realise, at least have whatever wisdom that is available to just stay here and now, patiently. There is no where to go anyway. Just here and now.

Patience, afterall, is a virtue…

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