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Ended Wait

For so long
I have waited
Not knowing
What was going on
Yet also knowing
Something was ongoing.

And so I endured
Not because I am a hero
But because there was nothing else to do
Except to be patient for the moment
To be realised
Or at least, to be reflected back
That it has been done
It is already done.

Was it a victorious moment?
It was a moment of ease
Finally a moment of being let go
Although not yet fully
But at the least
A beginning has initiated.

Does it matter how long?
I do not know.
Love waits, you see
And because this Love has Wisdom
All the more it does not
And will not
And cannot lose.

The wait in stillness
The stillness in tyranny
The tyranny, seen or unseen
Putting up a show or two
Playfully or not
Yet, does it really matter?

It was worth the wait
It is worth the wait
It will be worth the wait…

Because the wait does, will and has come to an end.

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  1. Anneke Van Couvering says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for telling my story. May I share this on Facebook? Thank you, Anneke

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