Stretched Winter

It has been a long winter,
no wonder drawn to such.

Dry branches, withering leaves;
chilly wind blowing, trivial stiff movements.

Indeed a beauty,
dying its natural death;
and in its death,
births another new life –

from nature, as nature, to nature.

Oh how wonderful this winter has been!

The silent night,
no words, no thoughts.

Occasional echoes of faint memories,
no longer longing to capture or retain.

Swiftly each surfaces, swiftly each passes;
like the mist of dawn fading,
back into nothingness.

Soon spring will come,
and the birds will begin to chirp.

The flowers will bloom,
in beautiful, bright colours.

Children’s laughter will be heard at the park.

And it begins again,
a whole new world…

~ written on 18th December 2011, Hong Kong ~

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