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The Bugger

That bugger.
You know, the one that bugs?

You think it’s him, her or them
a situation, thing or even that place.

But seriously, it’s not what you think.

The bugger bugs,
and bugs,
and bugs…
you’d find that the bugger is
the MOST serious bugger in town… SeRiOuS-LY!!!

Until the bugger gets your attention;
inwards, inwards, inwards…
Until you begin to surrender;
totally, totally, totally…

And fear not,
for the moment you go waywired again;
the bugger bugs again
and again, and again,
until the bugger gets your attention, again.

And we keep thinking it is someone or something
especially when turning it around doesn’t even help anymore! Argh!

That’s when you suddenly realise,
you FINALLY realise…
who the biggest bugger is all these while!!
‘O my GOOD-NESS!!!

You’d be shocked and surprised!!

And then at the end,
and it is just laughter all the way….

All that buggin’… sighs…

Well done, bugger!
What Joy!
And I love you too… 🙂

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