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MYOB II (for P. MA)

*from the voice & heart of one ~ dedicated to Princess MA*

When I MYOB, does it mean I do not even voice out my concern?
Apparently, no…

And yet, what is the point when I voice out my concern
especially to one that I hold dear to my heart
caring for the physical need
when she does not heed her own
leaving only the feeling of hurt that she heeds not my call?

It is as if it is my body that suffers
albeit it is seemingly her experience, her body
and strangely, although she speaks of it and even sound of it
which comes from no pretence,
she does not answer to the call to rest
or even my call…

and if I were to MYOB
would she one day break down, finally…

and all that is left of her
would be that body
lying anywhere it is lying
breathing or not breathing
speaking or not speaking
and it could be me weeping my heart out
or perhaps standing there telling her my truth
“I told you so!”

or perhaps….
just maybe…
I could respect her just as I would like respect from another
understanding their care
yet still having my free choice of experience
whatever it is
seizing the moment
that so-very-precious moment
to live, while I still can
to do, while I still can
whatever it is…
without losing integrity of what is true to me at that point in time
yet without any meaning to another that I care-less about you
that I may begin to understand that
it is not that she is not heeding my call
or even the call of her own physical body
but simply choosing her choice of experiences

simply, simply in love with herself,
immensely, totally, unconditionally
despite her bodily conditions
that I may too, do the same
without struggle, without resistance
and simply, simply…

heed only to the call of the heart…
whatever it is
whatever it means…

I have minded her business, but it was for a worthy cause…
for I have shown myself that I am capable of caring and loving
for I have learned that even when I mind my own business someday
or when someone minds her own business somehow
it does not mean that we do not Love…

It is because of Love
that we are able to mind others’ business
and also not mind others’ business…

It is because of Love
that I am able to not mind my business
and also mind my own business…

Wonderful, isn’t it?

One Response to “MYOB II (for P. MA)”

  1. MA says:

    such Brilliant expression!!!!!

    shining brightly, sparkling, lustrous, distinguished, illustrious…..

    Wonderful indeed…
    Brilliantly wonderful…isn’t it???

    “How magnificent & precious LOVE WISDOM appears “

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