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An additional ingredient

Being mindful or aware, is not enough… People ask me how is it that even when they are mindful or aware, the old patterns keep recurring as if now wondering does mindfulness really work, or perhaps a more wise question is ~ is it enough?

The additional ingredient to add to the recipe is inquisitiveness. To bring in inquisitiveness is to introduce an attitude of interest, or a different mindset from simply being aware to being aware with a purpose – a noble purpose of pure understanding for realisation to occur.

In inquisitiveness, natural inquiry is already occurring simultaneously and yes conscious questions too can be ask, such as ‘What’s it in for me?’, ‘What do I get out of this?’, ‘What do I want out of this?’, ‘What does it mean to me when this or that happens, or not?’, though not necessarily all the time. Be wise enough to discern.

Be mindful not ask these questions to get rid of the moment, but really to bring the Right attitude of wanting understanding the old conditioning to be realised. In realising an error, a natural shift has already taken place, knowingly or not.

As much as being mindful or being aware is not enough, yet it is being mindful or aware that sets the notion to understanding and realisation, with wisdom and peace arriving as its end.

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