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The Time is Now

If you are ever going to love
Love me now while I can know
The sweet and tender feelings
Which from true affection flow
Love me now while I am living
Do not wait until I am gone
And then have it chiselled in marble
Sweet words on ice-cold stone
If you have tender thoughts of me
Please let me know now
If you wait until I am sleeping
There will be death between us
And I will not hear you then
So if you love me, even a little bit
Let me know while I am living
So that I can treasure it

Your loving mum

*replicated by a loving mum to her beautiful daughter; also a reminder to us, to fully express love freely at any given time and place without hesitation, doubt and fear… Thank you MA*

~ originally written by the mother of Dr. Chris Anthon to himself ~

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  1. MA says:

    This letter is written on behalf of all mothers, fathers & all loving/cherished relationships….words may be expressed differently, yet, the sentiments are never far from all loving/feeling hearts.

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