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Dead Beloveds

Oh ye soul!
Choosing concepts over beloveds
have you no wonder
not noticed
loving simply is

Moving in, moving out
time together, time alone
meanings onto each act
breaking down the unbreakable
justifying the impossible.

Have you no wonder
not noticed
in any act anyway
save for holding on
save for expectations
save for ye own needs unfulfilled
deeming hope
yet an apparent separation
from a conclusion made deemed apparable
ending in resentment, hurt and anger…

See ye soul!
Wake up!
How the gift of choice
set abinding instead of freeing
of unconscious concepts over
whoever deemed beloveds.

See ye soul!
See clearly!
How you have ‘left’ another without leaving
how you have ceased love before it ceases, if it ever could
how you have ‘killed’ ye beloveds before the beloveds would have died.

The beloved is dead to you
not because she is
but because you are dead, imagining you are alive
oh wake up ye soul! Wake up!
Your beloveds awaits patiently
for your Rebirth!

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