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Catch Me!

Ah… mind… thoughts… such a splendid thing… catching itself again and again, trying to cease itself and then realising that it can’t and it doesn’t; it just won’t die. And then it laughs at itself, and then it doesn’t bother, and then it laughs again, and then it tries again… a never ending cycle; as if, there is simply a recording playing itself out, again and again… a catching game, so to speak.

So what is the difference between now and then? Simply, a choice. A choice now to choose, with awareness in wisdom, in love—as Wisdom, As Love… as the Nothing manifesting itself into that Something manifested at its End and at the same time, returning back to Nothing. Simply, a process with no beginning and no end.

It is really, quite karmically funny… and if you have noticed… that too, is thought. 🙂

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