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What is being Wasted?

Loss or wastage is really just a perception, and hence propels an expression of action that actually causes actual wastage. The views of what is perceived as loss or wastage determines the next course of action and hence experience of it. Yet, it is also the experience that has been gained internally perceiving wastage for something external that is no longer can be used, or at least the view of it not being used, that creates the perception of being wasted.

‘Wastage’ and ‘I no longer have use for it’ are two different things altogether. ‘Wastage’ is to denote that the material is now no longer can be used while, ‘I no longer have use for it’ emphasizes the useful or uselessness of the material only related to me, and me only.

I have been blessed in crossing paths with several few who prohibit and express the unwillingness of letting go of whatever that is no longer serving their wellness but instead, feed on the illusion of burden of having to keep. Admittedly, I am one of them. It can be a house, a habit, a material, a job, even a relationship; whatever it may be and the caption of ‘accept what is’ then eventually becomes a statement of ignorance that causes inner conflict and thus resentment and thereby giving reason that as long as I am not yet ‘accepting what it’, I get to keep it. It is as if ‘accept what is’ is now an excuse to keep holding on.

Change is permanent, whether it is an external or internal process. The truth is that each of us are constantly growing, evolving where change is permanently taking place and this is not something we can stop or change except to make peace with what is. This is different  from what is here and not doing anything about it; on the contrary, change can happen on many levels from a true ‘accepting what is’ realised state and motivates one to move towards a change more resonating with one’s own being.

Readiness to change is not always present, and this is the truth. Yet, let it be brought to awareness that readiness is present except for the unwillingness and limitation of it and hence creating that constant inner conflict.

It is important to address inner conflict. Yet many resist it. Even a practitioner who has been long on the journey may occasionally slip into the unconscious state of resistance. It is like a misaligning of spirit, mind and body occurring at that time. For instance, wishing to start an exercise regime, yet you find yourself sitting with a tub of ice cream and the mind is constantly complaining and feeling regret over it. If this is unseen, the inner conflict may propel to the point of depression.

Accepting what is is more than not doing anything. It is moving along with the flow of life. It is important to notice ‘what is’ changes constantly, all the time; and to resist it is the only true loss, in the sense of being honest and authentic to the self as that itself would be the true waste; until one wakes up to it.

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  1. jrhude11 says:

    “Accepting what is, is more than not doing anything” this is such a difficult transition for the person who desperately feels the need to control their surroundings. I would suggest the only way to control ones external surroundings is to view them with the internal perspective of “acceptance”. As you stated, change is inevitable and permenant, but it doesn’t need to be perpetually painful or percieved as waste. I like your perspective very much here. Thank you.

    • GG says:

      Hi, thanks for your contribution.

      Actually, ‘control’ is pretty much impossible as what is external reflected from the internal is over. Yet, in acknowledging that, one then can have the choice to choose the next appropriate action, if any.

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