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It is always like that…

Without a thought, there is nothing there…

And then a thought arise, and there is some interest to it… and then the body moves towards action and a story is born. Yet, there is really nothing to the story but the entire process of it, arriving at its destination to finally realise where it has arrived at.

And this is where the story this morning has arrived at, for her.

A remembrance ā€“ a beginning sometime ago, ending here; another beginning within its beginning, ending within its end ~ wherever it is.

Click on the Unconditional Sun (therein lies a creation by two in One, as One) and simply notice, enjoy where your beginning and ending is… šŸ™‚

Picture taken in Bali, Dec 2011.
Poetic expression manifested in form by the ever-willing HTL, and GG in reply; within the realms and realization of what it is.

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