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Whose Awareness?

Are you Aware?
If you are made aware of what you are doing;
would you still do what you do,
or defend what you are doing?

If you are not aware of what you are doing;
then how could you be doing otherwise,
but remain doing what you are already doing now?

If you are not aware of what you are doing;
totally unaware that you actually have a need to be aware,
then how could I ever see wrongness in you,
except to see where you are in this moment is simply perfect,
though with a wilful wish to nudge you a little of your need to be aware?

if I am finally aware
that you are merely reflecting what is in my mind;
would I even bother if you are aware or unaware,
save to work with what is here within me,
recognising and appreciating your unawareness as a gift,
to my earlier unawake state?

4 Responses to “Whose Awareness?”

  1. June Keat says:

    If I am aware that I am aware, who is the “I” that is aware?

    • GG says:

      Hi June Keat,

      Depending on what your definition of “I” is, and this “I” that you are inquiring about is to be realised; not to be told.

      Any word put onto it is only a deviation of who or what it is, or not; ultimately.

  2. Sally Ng says:

    GG, thanks for the above poem. But if what you are mentioning of the ‘self awareness’ is to be aware? But if to be aware means ego? Nowadays I am more aware of my ego, in the sense I am trying to analyse what I think in any situation until that now I stop trying to, and it just comes naturally to me. I find sometimes I am just lazy telling people how happy I am and even when they ask why I seem different when it seems many problems seem to haunt me daily but I am just not that emotional at all. Am I becoming more less caring or loving even to the extent of stop doing things to help others blindly? I am standing aside to let go, because I feel each and everyone of us are capable of doing being responsible, not to depend on others fully and I am being contend on this.

  3. GG says:

    Dear Sally,

    It works like this. Awareness is already naturally present but yet when you are unaware that you are aware, being aware is the beginning to merge with that natural awareness that of which you have delusionarily separated yourself from. In truth, it has never left us, or rather, we have always been it except in an unaware state.

    With regards to you being haunted but not emotional at all – only one knows where one is and each experiences will tell us exactly where we are. Watch if your being of non-emotional is truly coming from the space of Wisdom or from the space of Ignorance. As you observe further, you will be able to differentiate it.

    When you stop doing things for people blindly, it can also come from either Wisdom or Ignorance. The standing aside to let go cannot be a doing or even a decision based on reasons, it is a natural state that arises from Wisdom. Love moves or stays for the highest good. Each indeed is capable of being responsible and not dependent on others fully but yet, when you do not know, do you not have to start somewhere and have someone hold your hand until you are ready to do it on your own? If that is not the case, should the sharing of Wisdom and the teachings of mindfulness or Love/Fear all cease since everyone is capable? Yet, it is crucial that we are not overpowering or disempowering others or ourselves. That is what balance (at least one aspect of it) is all about.

    What you think about others’ capability too, is irrelevant. It is what you wish to experience. It is about your choices. It is ALL ABOUT YOU, and YOU only. And that is all. If you feel like moving, you move; if you feel like staying, you stay. That is all there is. And we learn things along the way, or not; have fun along the way, or not.

    Isn’t that simply wonderful and liberating??? šŸ˜‰

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