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New, or Not?

Different objects, similar feelings;
Is it the object
or something else in the mind?

Though different objects sets an impression
possible each unique on its own
Hah! Really, what an illusion!
The same stuff – recycled.

Ancient, ancient
that’s all that can be said
as long as yearning is there
alertness is needed
even in slightest
even in minuetest
else it comes back through the backdoor
completely immersed
brutally bought in
Totally, totally… asleep…
if one is aware that
one is asleep
then is one finally awake
or still asleep?

2 Responses to “New, or Not?”

  1. stelz says:

    It is like,
    being aware in nocturnal dreams,
    and yet,
    still within the dream,
    in slumber.

    conditions meet,
    hence Awaken.

    What is the difference,
    between being aware,
    in the dream,
    and out of the dream,
    my dearest one….?

    • GG says:

      Dreams work in layers,

      Awaken in the dream,
      within a dream,
      and another,
      and another,
      until finally awaken.

      Awaken to what,
      only one will know…

      And that too,
      is subject to
      one’s own limitation
      until finally…

      Hello, hello…
      is there anyone out there
      or even,
      in here?

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