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Logically, we all know that money and relationships are not related. Yet in today’s world, it is in the statistics that money becomes the cause (or so they think) of misery in relationships.

Money, to many, has become a congruent trigger point for disharmony in relationships, and I do mean all kinds of relationships. During my younger days, a close friend of mine experienced an abusive relationship camouflaging a surrounding theme caused, or rather, triggered by the illusionary value and security that money provides.

It is as if money has some kind of illusive power and capacity to cause the insecurity and instability of mankind to the point of single-handedly destroying his own surrounding relationships. Scary, but somewhat true.

Yet, is money really the cause of all those arising emotions? Or is it more likely to be true that the meaning already exists in the mind hence giving rise to the meaning of power to money; observing how on the facade money can solve most, if not all, problems.

Now, I am neither denying the power of money nor am I advocating another meaning of it. Yet, without any meaning of that it is all powerfully saintly or evil, there is potential for money to gain its position rightfully and appropriately in a place in our society, our world in creating a balance within one’s life and within a community so to speak.

What I discovered about money is that it does have some kind of place since its existence is already undeniable. While many shun money as a root cause to greed and ‘evil’, it can very much potentially channel goodness, love and appreciation too. Not that Love needs money, but it can serve as an expression of Love rather than an expression of greed based on the intent of exchange.

Be thankful to money. No, not for the stuffs you can exchange it with. But be grateful to it for the experiences that it brings you even if it is an unpleasant one so to speak; for without it, it might not be possible to know the potential causes that are subtly haunting the relationship. When appreciation and gratefulness is in the response towards a seeming cause of money being a trigger in a relationship, something can actually begin to shift as the parties begin to work inwards towards the causes of such experiences and emotions rather than putting money or worst, the other parties as target of blame.

Nothing outside of us can ever be the cause of any discomfort that arises within us. Seek within and be liberated through realisation.

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  1. avanish says:

    truly said about money. in my contemplation money is power and it can construct many beautiful things if use it wisely and can distruct if using otherway . and if relationship is based on physical charm (money) it ll decay with the passage of time.

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