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Being beyond Meanings

Each moment some meaning arising
Making experience possible
Whether it is appreciation, love or grace
Even anger, disappointment or sentimental.

A world without meaning
What would it be like
In experience
Perhaps deep Serenity, Bliss
From the vast contrast of suffering
Hence making peace now more valuable
Void of dependency on meanings.

Yet is it possible
For meaning not to arise
From data taught, churned, concluded
Even an answer from beyond
Only usable for the moment
Once kept, also transforming it to data
Turning wisdom into sheer ignorance.

Can Peace then be possible?
Can Serenity then be graspable?
With meaning, non escapable
Twirling around like the swirling dervish dance.

Yes, yes, we tell you
It is possible, it is possible
Just take a step back
And watch
And another step back
And watch
And another
And another
And another
Until there is nothing else to watch.

Then no longer do meanings rule
Though their dance cease and begin
Each their own time
Released or not
With tools or not
Watch, watch…

Serenity awaits you.

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