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Christ and Anti-Christ

Both Christ and Anti-Christ
live within the mind of every man and woman.

Christ is the collective Spirit,
the force for love and joining.

Anti-Christ is the collective ego,
the force of fear and separation.

Christ liberates. Anti-Christ binds.
Christ trusts his brother and sets him free
to make mistakes and learn from them.

Anti-Christ distrust his brother’s motives,
seeks to influence his choice
and lives in constant fear of betrayal.

Christ offers salvation to all right now.
Anti-Christ preaches salvation only to a chosen few.

Christ preaches the message of divine love
and the potential of creating heaven on earth.

Anti-Christ preaches divine retribution,
the imminent end of the world,
and happiness only in the afterlife.

Christ is the voice of love.
Anti-Christ is the voice of fear.

~ Paul Ferrini ~

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