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Monthly Archive for April, 2014

A wish to have or receive is perceived due to a mentality of lack. When the mental state is in fullness, there is no wish to have or receive because there is already having and receiving all the time, unconditionally. Only twisted perceptions of what comes into our space seems to be obscuring the true […]

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Some people think that to have peace, is to ignore the person that irritates or hurt them. If only they’d notice that even when all communication, meetings or even bonds are said to be severed – their reactions of anger, sadness, tears or even aloofness upon hearing the name or memories of this person already […]

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Generous Understanding

Of course, it is always comforting, To Understand. Since, not to understand is to mean, Staying in the Unknown. Yet, did you know, it is more comforting, To Realize… that Everything Out There Need not to be understood when you don’t understand. Only the remembrance of Acceptance & Embrace is required. Understand, only when Understanding […]

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