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This belonged to me.

This belonged to me.

Recently, I wrote on my FB page, that it takes sheer bravery to let go of something that you love so much.

At least, that was what I thought at that point of devastating time. Bravery was one thing. Understanding was another.

The strangest thing in this whole matter was, what I was asked to let go of is not something anyone would feel significant about. After all, it’s just a motor vehicle. And yet, it was something that made me literally sob like a baby in the morning before she departed. Believe it or not, I did not even tear over the divorce story.

She is really quite a babe and an eye catcher. As she drove away that afternoon, I found my eyes still locked upon her. She is just like that… always managing to capture and hold stares at least for a little while more.

Deep within me, I knew it was not about the motor vehicle but the history and meaning behind the motor vehicle which was and still is authentically very much apart of me. The beginning of how we met was not like any dudette who shopped around for cars. It all started out with an innocent imagination of what I would like to have and then she came… just like that.


For now, she remains a very clear reminder to me of the possibilities, the abilities, the natural thing in me; in fact, in all of us; if we had bother noticing not to mention embrace it.

And this is in dedication to the memory and story of Puzzle@BKG43.

Civic Type R Puzzle BKG43

This belonged to me too.

For many suns and moons
Even over occasions
There was no matter.

Yet today
In strangest reason
Tears poured in cooing sounds
As if
the heart has ripped apart.

It is a strange happening
And many would deem it silly…

But, we both know it’s not silly.

We both just know…
You are not just amongst the many;
You are the Only One…

The ability to bring my tears forth over You…

Bless you, Puzzle@BKG43. Go make your next owner proud and happy as you did me just by having you.

I love you.


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