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The Flowering of Love

taken @ thedusun, Malaysia, 2011

taken @ thedusun, Malaysia, 2011

When you see a flower in the garden, and in the presence of that flower you feel good and alive. You call the flower ‘beautiful’, and you cut the flower out of the ground, and place the flower in a vase on your windowsill.

You say to the flower, “You are mine and mine alone, beautiful flower. You make me happy and whole. Do not leave me and do not change or I will be broken…” ­­

– and you have the audacity to call this ‘Love’.

Wrenched from its natural ground, divided from Source, the flower is ‘yours’ for a while.

Yes, you can tell yourself that; but soon it withers and dies, starved of life and possibility.

Deep down, you know that the flower could never be ‘yours’, so anxiety and sadness rumble underneath the entire project from the start.

This is not unconditional love, friends, this is possession; fear masquerading as love. This is the attempted annihilation of beauty in the name of security, and it is what we are taught and sold, and it is why your human relationships are fraught with such drama, unspoken expectations and deep sorrow.

Wake up to a deeper kind of love, friends, a love without conditions, a love that liberates, a love that never says “you are mine”, a love that would never wrench a flower from its beloved ground, a love that won’t possess or control but sees the beauty in another’s ungraspability, and loves their freedom despite the pain. A love that doesn’t come from without but is the nature of the within, the inevitable consequence of knowing how free you truly are.

Love the flower; see the beauty and the fragility of the flower. Yes, be infinitely kind to the flower but never forget, it cannot be yours and it cannot complete you. It belongs to the universe.

Love the entire universe through the flower, and let go of promises. We only make promises because we do not trust ourselves. There is only Now, and that is the ground of love, and its fertilizer.

~ Jeff Foster

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