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Here, Now and Available

My beloved,
I am so glad
that you are here with me
taking my hand
laying your head next to mine,
and murmuring the words ‘I love you’.

Yet, my gladness comes to be,
not because you are here with me
nor because you took my hand
nor because you laid your head next to mine,
nor because you murmured the words ‘I love you.

That would be a lie,
of how you are the one in charge
of my feelings of gladness
of the intimate ecstasy I experience
at this given moment;
how dreadful that would be
on the mind and shoulders of my beloved!

For you see, my love
I am the one who is glad ~
that I am Here with you,
Now and Available in this moment;
to witness how you took my hand
to have your head laid next to mine
to hear you murmur the words ‘I love you’;
Just simply Here,
Now and Available,
for this moment, with You in it.

Simply open, present and free,
to celebrate NOW, in this moment;
how beautiful my mind is, projected onto you
making you so wonderful
making your every movement delightful
making the every word that comes out from you loving;
so so enchanting, mesmerizing and captivating…

Oh, how blessed and glorified I Am,
to be Here, Now and Available;
In this splendour of a moment
Me and You, together;
or perhaps, just Me…
and that’ll do, for Now.

* Dedicated to the Beloveds, TT & MH *

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