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Elevated Anatomy

Memory can only help me remember
how it all started
from the beginning
until right now to what it is.

Yet I can never be certain
what it was
that prompted the beginning
until right now to what it is.

To vindicate
to dissect
all those moments that come to be
as if unworthy of them, unconditionally.

Was it wishful thinking at cause
a conscious choice of choosing
a certain kind of resonance
or perhaps some sort of serendipity?

I am honest to admit
I cannot tell at all;
and if I had spoken before
anything that I did or could come up with
would simply be excuses
to justify them all.

I wish I could ignore
this incessant thirst to know why;
how the meeting began
the hallucinating of how it might end
not only that
the reasoning of reasons,
of how it could or should sustain
or perhaps not…

What is to become of me
at the final end;
would it be a pleasing climax
or yet another daunting finale?

How will I know
what is beyond my jurisdiction
this mysterious yet familiar power
that could overwhelm me like this…

All because
all because
the ground seems to be
losing grip of me.

All because
all because
the unknown begetting an unchartered territory
yet to be explored…

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