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Touching Base to Expand

When two people initially get together, it was based on a set of conditions. Nobody will try to intoxicate the relationship on purpose if not for something that had altered in the conditions of the relationship, albeit not really knowing either, exactly what it is that has changed. If they knew, the intoxication would not happen; because awareness of such could have perhaps invited a better attempt in being ready for the change, or a better way of handling or managing the situation.

Of course, we don’t know everything. But the least we can do is when we know, we can support each other and the relationship by keeping each other informed – touching base so to speak.

Why is it important? If relationships are not important at all, then why bother starting or cultivating one in the first place? Because we know, besides the relationship with ourselves, the relationships we have with others is part of the bigger and extended happiness and joy that we yearn and thrive for. We just get distracted sometimes. I am beginning to see that it’s more than just a dependency. It is simply a part of Beingness, part of Self.

And ‘relationship’ is just a word we use.

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