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Because of Love, I waited.

Sometimes by the time it seemed to have arrived;
I noticed;
t’was not the Love I wanted.

Sometimes by the time it seemed to have arrived;
I noticed;
t’was none left,
that I had waited enough to taste,

or rather,
what was left of it –
tasteless Love.

I’ve forgotten, the waiting game, as it is.

For the attitude
was to wait,
therefore the experience
is to wait,
and the result –
waiting, too.

in that seeming Love that I did not think I want,
in most of my selfish experiences,
which were naught and tasteless
– there was Love, indeed.

Only that,
t’was not the Love that I was waiting for,
and hence could not see or taste it fully.

The Love that was present,

I was simply selfishly blind to see,
what more to acknowledge and to receive.

Still, what am I waiting for…?

For a Love that I thought was mine,
but not mine to experience.

For a Love that I thought I had,
but was found meaningless.

Ignorantly, a waste of precious moments.
Today, I wait no more.

So to turn the experience of waiting to wait no more,
and to begin a filling in of Love that I would not expect but find,
but not one that I had hoped but would appreciate.

It may not return as what I thought I wanted,
and for that some circumstances may occur.

Yet, who am I to judge?

I am only a passerby of given moments,
attempting to experience the impossible thought possible.

And the possibility… oh, let’s just wait and see…

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