The Egoic Cycle

This is existence is as such, at least on this plane. We want the success, the joy, the happiness, the excitement hence we had inevitably ‘agreed’ to accept the failure, the pain, the sadness, the fear; in our experience. To understand this is to see through the veils of illusion. To see through this illusion,… Continue reading The Egoic Cycle

The Quick Defense

The other day, I saw how I so quickly defended myself when someone comments something about me which I deem as untrue. Untrue, because I think I am not what they think me to be. However, as I pondered deeply upon my quick-to-defend behaviour, I begun to what the other person thought or perceived of me… Continue reading The Quick Defense


I noticed some words just below the back wiper on a car in front of me; it said, ‘YOU KISS YOU PAY’. And then just below on the back bumper, ‘AWAS!’. And then I also noticed two little red dragon stickers (those that looks like the little dragon in the cartoon Mulan) stuck one at each… Continue reading AWAS!!

Conditional Love

The closest someone could ever experience Unconditional Love, in my perception, is Mother’s Love. They say that Mother’s Love is Unconditional. I’d say that it is conditional – for it is because you are my child, that I love you – and that is conditional. This, I realised 1.5 years ago from the wise sharing… Continue reading Conditional Love

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I Don’t Know You, You Don’t Know Me

Only ideas meet ideas and compromise on the somewhat similar qualities that seems to meet or so they think; and bundle with each other thinking or convincing that it’s the same idea to later result in conflict. ===== I asked a loved one when he was profusely complaining about his student, “Do you know him?” ===== I… Continue reading I Don’t Know You, You Don’t Know Me

The Culprit

A conversation with someone dear to me some mornings ago left me feeling really yucky. I tried hard to shake off that feeling by using positive affirmations and whatever tools that I had equipped myself. Unfortunately, it did not go away for long. The first instance of reaction (note: re-action, and not loving response) was to… Continue reading The Culprit


I always thought that I was humble (meaning, I am NOT a show-off!!) and that I didn’t really care what people think of me from the aspects of material things. However, since I’ve become more aware of my thoughts and attitude behind those thoughts, I noticed that the humbleness that I portrayed was merely a camouflage… Continue reading Show-Off