You know how sometimes, repeated understanding of certain similar experiences seem to conclude and confirm certain ideas we have in our mind? But you see, we don’t know that these are still just ideas in our mind, which can be, and when altered, changes the experience. Even, if we “knew” that they are just ideas……

Emotional & Sexual Betrayal

When love is mutual and you and your partner are surrendered to each other emotionally, sex is uplifting and sacred. But when communication in your relationship becomes careless and shoddy, when time is not taken for one-to-one intimacy, your relationship becomes a shell in which you both hide. Energy and commitment disappear from your union,…

Get Movin’

When you refuse to move when you are supposed to Life throws you situations just so you can move. Really, it’s nothing personal. It is just the way it works so that you could get moving along with Life, freely.

Made of

We are made beautiful and wonderful. Yet unconsciousness makes us feel otherwise. But that does not, and cannot take away what we are made of.