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Do I need to tell you some more
I See You
I Love You
I Care for You
when already
I am seeing you
I am loving you
I am caring for you
all at the same time
save for an expression?

making words of
I See You
I Love You
I Care for you
totally redundant
save for moments when
you need to hear it from me
my needing for you to hear it
occurring in moments
when you do not seem know…

or could it possibly be
more true
it is I
who do not know?

If not, why would I need to express it
as if to affirm it
whether it is for your need or my need?

2 Responses to “Do I need to tell you, save for…?”

  1. heartofbella says:

    Everyone needs to hear those words and affirmations….it reminds them of why they are with you. And they make them feel special. 🙂

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