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The spiritual journey is indeed a lonely one. The documentation of these text were my inner thoughts manifested into words through writing. They served merely as a form of expression of what I was going through during my inward journey for my own personal consumption albeit published in an open blog. It was much later that I received an inner calling to publish this book, with the intent as a gift to those on their own inward journey, lonely yet not really alone; to remind and comfort; that as much as each journey is of its own, it is much accompanied in togetherness by many who pondered on the same bewildering thoughts and experiences which may at times seem overwhelming and daunting.

This book is a gift, and I am merely blessed to be an instrument to be the caretaker of it.

May you finally arrive at where you are heading, in peace and love, hand in hand with the touch of Wisdom.

~ GG ~

What Others Say :~
A loving work of Cosmic guidance, shedding light on the excitingly lonely journey of one who is awakening to the highest state of consciousness. Shared with delightfully honest poetic insight as she tames her mind to the dance of the Cosmic consciousness whilst unravelling and seeking the union of the highest Truth, Unconditional Love. Truly inspiring… ~ Irah, the One who removes fears
I have known GG for a good old ten years now, losing her for an extended period until I met her again two over years ago; weary, uncertain and lost. Yet within her, something was waking up to the willingness of inquiry – a dire thirst to question what life’s meaning is really all about. The poems found in the following pages fully express her coming into her own journey of who she was and who she is not now – not in form, but essence of a wise spirited being embarking on an inward path of finding herself again. They are voices of the non-form rather than the form of who she is – hence, when you flip through each page, let the “reader” in you step aside and bring forth the stillness of a quiet listener into being – letting the timeless messages of the non-form flow to you. Let wisdom be unto all. ~ Hor Tuck Loon
Enlightenment to many is only ‘meant’ for the highly spiritual beings – the Buddha and his disciples… and so forth. But in this book, the writer expresses her personal journey.. and the message that enlightmenten of the soul is attainable by you and me… Putting right effort to awareness of feelings and thoughts will lead us to right understanding in any situation and thus bring about wisdom contentment and bliss… it is neither an easy task nor one that is not possible. The rest is to be experienced by one’s ownself. ~ JL
Each poem compels the reader to move beyond form to see the essence and the gift of wisdom that awaits those who are willing to go within. A beautifully written book that cuts through illusions. ~ Choy Boon Ling
Life is a fascinating journey… I am blessed to pen a few words in this unique book of higher guidance that shared with me the path of an inner journey which opened me to awareness. Unveiling clues that guide me to the essence of my journey, this book led me on an inspiring spiritual route to find my true and deepest self and reach the ultimate in personal growth in discovering the truth in light and spirituality.
This book gives me in-dept understanding and constant reminders that my journey is still evolving and refining, bringing myself back again and again, consistently allowing wisdom to bloom in me from extremity to the middle path of non-judgment and non-violence, seeing the world as my own creation and definition.
May you find yourself in these readings and connect with your inner peace and freedom. ~ Kavitha Muniandy
This is one of the most profound & inspiring book I have read. An intimate and honest journey towards oneself & yet from oneself, the same “inward path” is a loving mirror, echoing & lovingly calling me home. ~ MA
On one’s journey…,
There are many contradictions as expanding Revelations…
To express Its definitions, leads to its limitation…
To express Its possibilities, leads to Its Truth…
If you are seeking understandings in this work you may get disappointed…,
But if you just go through it innocently; as I did; you will not be able to put it down.
It felt to me as if I was receiving the essence of the “Tao Te Ching” from a more personal and romantic point of view. It just felt right as a whole. Well done!!!
~ Yehokhanan Ishtar
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