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Finally a Book Reading Event!!

It will be held on Saturday, 14 April 2012 at Clove&Clive. Details as below: –


Supported by her natural inquisitiveness, Geraldine Kok’s relentless quest for the truth of the happenings in her life has yielded a beautiful documentation of the insights gained from this quest, in the form of poems.

It has been said that poetry is the language of the heart, and Geraldine has aptly chosen this form of expression to share her inner world with all. Her heartfelt compilation of her inner journey has deeply resonated with many whose own seekings have led them to similar paths of loneliness, despair, turmoils, growth, wonder, joy, peace, and, the truth and ultimately freedom.

To many, her sincere writings have offered all these and much more – a source of comfort and uplifting influence, a salve to soothe the healing wounds, a spark to that fire within one. Come and discover what this book will say to your soul.

Some opinions of those who were touched by her book:

The poems found in the following pages fully express her coming into her own journey of who she was and who she is not now – not in form, but essence of a wise spirited being embarking on an inward path of finding herself again. They are voices of the non-form rather than the form of who she is – hence, when you flip through each page, let the “reader” in you step aside and bring forth the stillness of a quiet listener into being – letting the timeless messages of the non-form flow to you. Let wisdom be unto all.  ~ Hor Tuck Loon

This is one of the most profound & inspiring book I have read. An intimate and honest journey towards oneself,  and yet from oneself, the same “inward path” is a loving mirror, echoing & lovingly calling me home.  ~ MA

Enlightenment to many is only ‘meant’ for the highly spiritual beings – the Buddha and his disciples… and so forth. But in this book, the writer expresses her personal journey.. and the message that enlightmenten of the soul is attainable by you and me… Putting right effort to awareness of feelings and thoughts will lead us to right understanding in any situation and thus bring about wisdom contentment and bliss… it is neither an easy task nor one that is not possible. The rest is to be experienced by one’s ownself.  ~ JL

If you are seeking understanding in this work you may get disappointed… but if you just go through it innocently, as I did, you will not be able to put it down. It felt to me as if I was receiving the essence of the “Tao Te Ching” from a more personal and romantic point of view. It just felt right as a whole. Well done!!!  ~ Yehokhanan Ishtar


about the author

Geraldine Kok (also known as GG) spends much of her time addressing issues relating to the inner lives both of herself and people of whom she meets. In her sessions, Geraldine explains the importance of taking responsibility, honesty and integrity in the process of self-awareness and self-inquiry that allows participants to examine their pre-conceived ideas about themselves and other people to arrive at the real truth behind their experiences leading inevitably to authenticity and freedom.

Geraldine has also written a book “Expressions of an Inward Path – Insights of the inward journey” which shares experiences and insights of her own spiritual walk. Welcoming you also, to journey with her through her blog “journalingtruth.com” where she documents her perspectives, wonderment and understanding of life experiences.



Reader Geraldine
Event Book Reading
Book title Expressions of an Inward Path
Book Author Geraldine
Date Saturday, 14 April 2011, 8:15pm-9:30pm
Request for Appreciation Participation with heartfelt contribution welcomed for the maintenance of Clove&Clive
Contact Person Li Ling 012-390 3033
Call/SMS  017-2933699
Fax 03-78036699
Venue Clove&Clive centre at Kelana Jaya
F-2-02 Dataran Glomac Jalan SS6/5B
Pusat Bandar Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya SELANGOR

(Opposite the Kelana Jaya Police Quarters, same row as Public Bank) (map…)


Please take note:
Although no prior registration is required, kindly drop us a note if you are coming so that we can ensure comfort for all.  You may inform us by e-mail or SMS.


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