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2011, January 14

I am aware that I am blessed –
blessed with the tyranny now, of happy dreams.
Let me not forget, a dream is still a dream;
each of no difference, whether they are happy or sad.

My heart is with You, for You are my only goal,
only with You, am I safe and assured.
Through the dream, an experience it shall be,
only an occurrence of conditioning with You holding my heart.

My embrace of You, I reside in comfort,
so distract me not of what toys would be toys.
Only to appreciate what comes into my fold;
still, let me not be led into any delusion which I am not.

So let me with full trust, surrender all my memories to You,
for only You will know what to do with them.
Let me not take charge of what is not mine to care,
for no longer a fool I long to be.

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