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I am Song
of various chords
combining treble clefs and bass clefs
blend of notes
originating tunes.
Indeed a beautiful song You write
as me
just for me and me alone
the lead vocalist
with occasional moments of choirs
and duets
yet Your centre stage is mine.

I am Song with a voice that sings
expressing what is You
as You
representative of You in this theatre
the whole orchestra playing
humming me as You.

My voice that carries through
the song You have me sing
as You
of You
across to You
an audience
appearing as one and many
and I know You applaud me
when birds sing their praises
when whirlpool of tap water runs down the sink
clapping, cheering, celebrating
singing with contained joy and bliss
as You
of You
to You
for You
through me
as me.

I am Song
blessed to sing and to be sung
You compose magically and creatively
just for me
embodying You
through a facade – the title of Song
and as I sing along
being Song
grateful as part of the song
in remembering
I am You

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