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2019, April 3

It has been a while since I had written in direct dedication to you. But you and I both know that you are always dear in my heart, although not obvious too many. You know that whenever I drown myself in the reds, its always to reach that state.. where I reach you.. and then smile in contentment while my heart swells with so much of your Love. You know that. It’s just You and me, without the cares of this world.

Recently, a beloved friend gave me a bible, and another beloved friend invited me to a bible study group. You know me. I would never participate in all these because I already know. But I went anyway, because I loved my friends, and You told me that I could do it for my beloved friends. And I did.

As I reread the bible in my hand; some verses so familiar as I read them when I was 14; I see them from a different light which I know is only possible because the Holy Spirit has shine light. I wish I could say more to more, instead of just to those selected few. I wish I could do more, instead of just for those selected few…

So that they know that you are not a God of Wrath as how it has been described, and clarify that the obedience of God is not what is being preached by others, but rather, what is within…

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