I’m just asking you

When I ask you a question, I’m really just trying to help me realise that I am wrong about it. When I ask you another question, I’m really just saying “give me another answer, please to help me see clearly I am truly wrong in seeing this.” When I ask you another question, again, I’m… Continue reading I’m just asking you

The Wrong World

The world can want anything from you. In fact, the world can ask a million things of you. Yet, it is within your integrity to give, or not; to say yes or no. It is not about being right, or wrong; selfish or selfless; loving or unloving. It is about being honest, with myself, first.… Continue reading The Wrong World

Communicating after Learning

Intimacy during communication can only occur with honesty, authenticity and clarity. What I mean by honesty here is being totally naked in expressing one’s vulnerability; authenticity as in not covering up what is being expressed to make it sound ‘nicer’ or ‘beautiful’ or even ‘kinder’ to the ears of the other; and clarity as in,… Continue reading Communicating after Learning