Permanently Impermanent

I am, but permanently impermanent vibrating, creating a passing hallucination moulding, dissapating consistently inconsistent try to grasp it would have slipped away attempt another and there it goes again meeting an instance only to break away to come back again and to disappear once more each instance only better only brighter expand expanding expanded contract… Continue reading Permanently Impermanent

A Good Mom, or not?

It is interesting that after many years of arriving late at a loved one’s place for the festive season, being married; I was early at the loved one’s place this year, being single – and yet what impacted me was the loved one’s constant comments on how badly I had brought up the little one.… Continue reading A Good Mom, or not?

Perception vs Reality

Perception makes experience. It has been said, “A miracle is a shift of perception”; and many ask, “what then is reality?” Reality is not what has happened, but your response or your reaction to what is happening or has happened and that makes it your experience. For example, when you perceive ignorance in another, what… Continue reading Perception vs Reality

The Tao

They say, that there is this thing called the Tao… a flow… the flow… and it is really like this… at first, we resist the flow… next, we seek; albeit at times ~ struggle; to go with the flow… then, we get into the flow… and finally realise, We are the flow…

Recipe of I

I am experience as in I = experience only but in moment. what experiencer, what experiencing? For experiencer denotes separated ‘thing’ from experiencing And experiencing denotes continuously from moment to moment crafting ‘I am experiencing’ as if capable experience of sameness from a different moment to a different moment. Experience is only an instant arising… Continue reading Recipe of I

A Tribute to Great Masters

As I recall what J has done for the world in the past, and also His presence in our lives now in the very moment we are willing to give up what was never true, I feel a much deeper sense of gratitude understanding why He has chosen such a role. This should be familiar… Continue reading A Tribute to Great Masters