a blessing, or a curse?

If it is true that consciousness is the domain of ego and body is part of mind and mind being ego and ego being self is what I am dissolving and non-self is what I am to realise then is it a blessing or a curse that this body is still breathing a blessing or… Continue reading a blessing, or a curse?


I don’t really know what enlightenment is, or what it means. Some say that it is the mind being fully illuminated with light, some say that it is right understanding and some say that it is a state of bliss, peace, joy with all wholesome qualities and some even say that it is a state… Continue reading Enlightenment

Understanding Suffering

Ashin Tejaniya said… Lobha (greed, any kind of craving or liking) is more difficult, more subtle — and moha (delusion, ignorance, not understanding, not seeing reality) is hardest. The point I was making the other day was that we should better not use the word suffering when we talk about dukkha. Most yogis don’t understand… Continue reading Understanding Suffering

Normal Life

We think that because Jesus and the Buddha wore robes and owned nothing, that’s how freedom is supposed to look. But can you live a normal life and be free? Can you do it from here, right now? That’s what I want for you. We have the same desire: your freedom. And I love that… Continue reading Normal Life

Hardy Lessons

“Have compassion for all beings, rich and poor alike; each has their suffering. Some suffer too much, others too little.” – Buddha – It is interesting to observe life lessons which are easily transcended by one, may not be the same for another. I remember this tale of an acquaintance who progressed in the spiritual… Continue reading Hardy Lessons

Meditation, as a Way of Life

Many people think that meditation belongs to the part of being spiritual. Many people also think that meditation is sitting down, crossed legged, with eyes closed. But that all, is only defining meditation in its own limiting concept. If one could begin to question and experience what meditation is like, without the limiting ideas of what has… Continue reading Meditation, as a Way of Life

Living the Miracle

I hate to contradict one of your favourite slogans, but “expecting a miracle” is not always helpful. Sometimes you think you need a miracle, but all you need is a little common sense. Sometimes, you are certain you need a miracle, but all you need to do is walk through your fear. I’m not trying… Continue reading Living the Miracle

Spiritual Companionship

This term ‘spiritual companionship’ came into the awareness today. And I sat with it for a while. I wondered what it meant, what it truly meant. It sounds as if, there is someone there, who could be of a companion of some sort in the journey, as in one person, like a soul mate or… Continue reading Spiritual Companionship

Disturbed, only by Thoughts

Out of all the senses we experience, it is very strange and interesting that we are most of the time only aware of only one of them. Perhaps we subconsciously know that it is that powerful, and yet we are oblivious or ignorant to its power. Our life is run by our belief systems and… Continue reading Disturbed, only by Thoughts