Participating in the Lover’s Wound

Lovers, whether you like it or not, your actions contribute as conditionings to the surrounding of your Beloved. Like how the heat of the sun or the chills of the winter will affect the temperature of your body, thus your mood, your mental state – your action and inaction does the same to your Beloved.… Continue reading Participating in the Lover’s Wound

Tell Me, Already

You bellow me with sweet words afraid of my downfalling into the myriad of emotions that had me drown in before. Building my make belief that protection is what you are giving me it did look like tender love, you know in that strong and warm façade. Yet, has that all changed now? my trust… Continue reading Tell Me, Already

Forgotten Gods

When you see that face, those eyes, and their actions… Stepping on children’s chest, pointing those guns in the face of those children, And probably pulling the hair of those women, who seem too afraid to even scream, And be hit in the face again and again, and finally, be violated of their purity… Yes,… Continue reading Forgotten Gods

Simple Loving

Loving is really that simple. Just loving, effortlessly. It is only when beliefs and concepts start creeping in, that it makes the experience of loving a little harder hence propelling people to behave pretty strangely towards each other.  As if to stay away, it is possible to deny what is there; as if to stay… Continue reading Simple Loving

Save Yourself

You have to save yourself from so many good-intentioned people, do-gooders, who are constantly advising you to be this, to be that. Listen to them, thank them. They don’t mean any harm — but harm is what happens. You just listen to your own heart. That is your only teacher. ~ Osho ~

A True Master

A true Master is not one who always believe he is accurate about everything. A true Master is one who sees and acknowledges the error within him, makes peace with it, and the world altogether. ~ GG ~  

Meeting One’s Own

one mind loving stability resenting volatility one mind loving spontaneity resenting structure both not meeting not knowing its own extreme calling forth each other for the balancing of each satisfying the law of nature balancing the imbalance in the order within chaos and chaos within order

It is Your Gift

If you were going to a place of where you are reminded of not only the System, but also made known to the Creation of the System, rather than the rules that you’d have to adhere to get into some good book; I would be gladden. If you were going to a place of where… Continue reading It is Your Gift

Revealing Being

Look not at this body Or the labels it once took on Or perhaps still taking on For you would not only miss me But what you truly are What you would perceive of me Would only move you away from me Thus moving away from you Eventhough you think it is me that you’re… Continue reading Revealing Being

The Children of the World

[youtube=] It’s an old video, but it’s okay. Forgetting enlightenment and awakening for a while; we are indeed the World, the Children. Remembering the survivors in Japan, thriving to survive, as to exist, though in surrender; the tireless rescue workers thriving the same, to save lives – where the lover meets the beloved, locked-in eyes,… Continue reading The Children of the World