A Note to Kakak

The last we heard your voice, was on the anniversary of your birth date, which was only 2 weeks ago. You sounded so weak. And for the first time, she cried. You know how she is… always a toughie… but she cried, because she heard you over the phone, and she was really, really worried.… Continue reading A Note to Kakak

Clear Grey

Every moment dying breathing shallowly as if not enough intoxicating limitability with life force not but suicide substance depleting what seems desirous to the world an inner desire to cease. Asked once, “what do I want” revealed then, “there is nothing that I want” nothing fulfilling that of which is yearning what the world sounds… Continue reading Clear Grey

Being beyond Meanings

Each moment some meaning arising Making experience possible Whether it is appreciation, love or grace Even anger, disappointment or sentimental. Imagine A world without meaning What would it be like In experience Perhaps deep Serenity, Bliss From the vast contrast of suffering Hence making peace now more valuable Void of dependency on meanings. Yet is… Continue reading Being beyond Meanings

Simply a Doorway

Do you really think you can kill a person, a situation or even a thought? That would be ignorance, working its work. What you can really do is to understand to realise the cause behind what that caused you the intent to kill, and you can be rest assured finally smiling and at peace with… Continue reading Simply a Doorway


We are all like strangers walking on the face of the earth brushing shoulders and yet not noticing totally oblivious who and what we are meeting, or not. Even our apparent ‘loved ones’ it’s really quite amazing how we ‘survived’ this far when what we are left with is only just a name, a label;… Continue reading Strangers

Stretched Winter

It has been a long winter, no wonder drawn to such. Dry branches, withering leaves; chilly wind blowing, trivial stiff movements. Indeed a beauty, dying its natural death; and in its death, births another new life – from nature, as nature, to nature. Oh how wonderful this winter has been! The silent night, no words,… Continue reading Stretched Winter

a blessing, or a curse?

If it is true that consciousness is the domain of ego and body is part of mind and mind being ego and ego being self is what I am dissolving and non-self is what I am to realise then is it a blessing or a curse that this body is still breathing a blessing or… Continue reading a blessing, or a curse?

This Grudge

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agIUN-YroLg] performed by Alanis Morissette Fourteen years Thirty minutes Fifteen seconds I’ve Held this grudge Eleven songs Four full journals Thoughts of punishment I’ve expended Not in contact Not a letter Such communication Telepathic You’ve been vilified Used as fodder You deserve a piece Of every record But who’s it hurting now? Who’s the one… Continue reading This Grudge

The Funeral

The endless sobbing Heart throbbing The death of the Lover Giving up Experiences Words Actions Movements World Dreams Anything Everything Finally To Light The curtains down Props dismantled Stage dissembled Take a bow The night is over Eyes are closed The last sigh The final breath Securing the cover Madonna lilies thrown On the coffin… Continue reading The Funeral


Gardening is very much like one’s spiritual journey. Today, I was blessed with the mood to look consciously at my garden and the plants that surround it. Automatically, I noticed some leaves which needed a trim, some stems that needed to be cut off and some leaves that needed to be swept. Because the weather… Continue reading Gardening