Inquiring into Thoughts

Some may argue that we are being pulled to the past or future by thoughts and that, thoughts are impersonal. It is true. But can they surface in your consciousness if they are not part of your being? And yes, all of us, if not most of us, seem to be carrying the same stuffs. What I meant by saying they… Continue reading Inquiring into Thoughts

Conditional Goals

I had the privilege to be given a stage two weeks ago to stand in for a friend to conduct a sharing on thoughts. They were a bunch of university students. Noticing that the crowd was able to grasp what I was sharing on how reality actually works for each of us; similarly and differentiatedly;… Continue reading Conditional Goals

Mirage of A Question

I cannot tell you what is right what is wrong I can only be your voice asking you in return what is right what is wrong my voice serves as an outer reflection echoing back your own inquiry that is all its purpose not to tell you what is right what is wrong the answer… Continue reading Mirage of A Question

Shameless, for the Fishes

This post is about exposing the body to someone else other than our beloveds. Have you ever felt embarrassment before in revealing parts of your body to someone who is not your beloved? Well, most of us share this idea that we only show or share our bodies with the beloveds and during times when… Continue reading Shameless, for the Fishes

Your Choice, Within

No thought ever belonged to you. A thought is inspired by the Spirit, or propelled by the Ego. Both serves different purposes. You are that Still Silence. Which would you choose?

Living Memory

We are all living from memory. There is nothing that comes to our senses which is not known or understood from some form of memory. Memories are information or knowledge from the past, whether it is being taught by another or through an individual experience, or even an observation. Whenever any piece of these information… Continue reading Living Memory

Christ and Anti-Christ

Both Christ and Anti-Christ live within the mind of every man and woman. Christ is the collective Spirit, the force for love and joining. Anti-Christ is the collective ego, the force of fear and separation. Christ liberates. Anti-Christ binds. Christ trusts his brother and sets him free to make mistakes and learn from them. Anti-Christ… Continue reading Christ and Anti-Christ

My Dreamy La-La World

When it can be told that there are fleeting experiences you can be sure that there is still a past that is being held on to a memory so to speak which has nothing to do with Now but brought forward now for a story to be retold for a dreamy story to arise and… Continue reading My Dreamy La-La World

The Drawing Well

Often, people are seeking to what or how much they can take from something, someone or a situation; rather than what or how much they can offer to something, someone or a situation. They say it is for a higher objective, a bigger picture. They have failed to see what is in front of them.… Continue reading The Drawing Well