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Only you & Me

They appear because you cannot hear Me.You appear because they cannot hear Me. At times, when you do hear Me, when they do hear Me,but can’t quite make out what I speak…these times, I direct them to you, I direct you to them – so that through them, you can hear Me,so that through you, […]

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We are naturally looking for love. Not just any kind of love, but the unconditional kind. And, we do not realise with whom or with what are we yearning for – this unconditional love. To substitute it, we look for it in our parents, in which we later realise we did not receive, though expected […]

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Remember all temptation is but this — a mad belief that God’s insanity would make you sane and give you what you want. That either God or you must lose to madness because your aims cannot be reconciled. Death demands life, but life is not maintained at any cost. No one can suffer for the […]

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