Supporting or Spoiling You

I’ve come across several situations where I’ve stood my ground with a firm ‘no’, and also of those where I’ve not stood my ground and said ‘yes’ when the inner world says ‘no’. Now, I began to ponder when I say a ‘yes’ to you during the times when I actually mean a ‘no’, am… Continue reading Supporting or Spoiling You

Inability to Judge

I remember a fengshui master whom I regard as one of my earlier teachers told me in a light hearted manner, “If you did all the judging, then what is God to do?” At that moment, it dawned upon me that the stress I was going through in most of my relationships then was indeed… Continue reading Inability to Judge

For Me, or Not for Me?

Along the way, in the midst of aloneness and loneliness (and they are different, mind you), we attract like-minded friends. Due to common interests, sparks of interesting conversations set off, initiating an inevitable blossoming association, where when unmindful, can lead to a clinging-on relationship which turns a sincere, free connection to one of seeking one… Continue reading For Me, or Not for Me?

The Chattering

Although on the surface, everything seems fine, the inner world is what we truly experience as real. So constantly and unconsciously that at every moment in time, whenever we see a ‘body’ out there, we are either seeking approval or something else from another. It could be a simple sms, which did not require an… Continue reading The Chattering