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Where there is perception, so is there conflict. Because, the moment your perception is different from mine, you become a threat to me, so to speak. Even if you seem to have the same perception as I do, that does not settle me at True Peace, except a temporary transition of righteousness. Can we then, […]

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The Meeting Place

How bitterly does everyone tied to this world defend the specialness he wants to be the truth! His wish is law unto him, and he obeys. Nothing his specialness demands does he withhold. Nothing it needs does he deny to what he loves. And while it calls to him, he hears no other Voice. No […]

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The Miraculous If something is continuous, it is not miraculous. Miraculous events are not continuous with what happened before them. They represent a shift of energy, a movement out of past perception, past limitation. They are unpredictable, unexpected and in many cases inscrutable. You call them miracles because God’s hand is in them. But without […]

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