The Wrong World

The world can want anything from you. In fact, the world can ask a million things of you. Yet, it is within your integrity to give, or not; to say yes or no. It is not about being right, or wrong; selfish or selfless; loving or unloving. It is about being honest, with myself, first.… Continue reading The Wrong World

Tell Me, Already

You bellow me with sweet words afraid of my downfalling into the myriad of emotions that had me drown in before. Building my make belief that protection is what you are giving me it did look like tender love, you know in that strong and warm façade. Yet, has that all changed now? my trust… Continue reading Tell Me, Already

Conditional Goals

I had the privilege to be given a stage two weeks ago to stand in for a friend to conduct a sharing on thoughts. They were a bunch of university students. Noticing that the crowd was able to grasp what I was sharing on how reality actually works for each of us; similarly and differentiatedly;… Continue reading Conditional Goals

‘Re-Run’ Now

spoken too soon without Wisdom non-expectedly it came a visit knocking on the door once again a recurring of memory apparently happening now but is it really happening now or only happening in thoughts now churning out an experience primeval yet familiar opposite of Reality asleep, awake, asleep and then awake unconscious, conscious unconscious and… Continue reading ‘Re-Run’ Now

Appreciating the Cha-Ching

Logically, we all know that money and relationships are not related. Yet in today’s world, it is in the statistics that money becomes the cause (or so they think) of misery in relationships. Money, to many, has become a congruent trigger point for disharmony in relationships, and I do mean all kinds of relationships. During… Continue reading Appreciating the Cha-Ching

shameful, and over!

I grew And then it took over And it took over eversince Because I grew The more I grew The more it grew Taking over, rapidly though quietly So that no one will know So that no spotlight can be earned I grew And then it took over And each shout out of frustration No… Continue reading shameful, and over!

Self Love

You tell me Love is what I am And all I need to do Is to undo the blocks to Love’s awareness. If that is the case Why do I need to learn How to love myself Or even attempt on How to love myself? Is it not true That if Love is what I… Continue reading Self Love

Self Loath to Self Realisation

I couldn’t sleep last night. It took some deliberation and conscious intent in order to put myself to sleep for at least a good three hours before waking up this morning. There is also an awareness that there is a loss of appetite today and after work, all I did after dropping off some friends… Continue reading Self Loath to Self Realisation

my silent misery realised; your Inherited Innocence restored

For such a long time now I could not reconcile How it is so That when we are alone There is much admiration Yet in the midst of company and work Resentment could creep in. And I cannot deny There had been moments of unconsciousness Where there is blame and irritation Either kept in or… Continue reading my silent misery realised; your Inherited Innocence restored