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A Birthday

It appears to be my birthday today.

Apparently, I was born into this body, this place, many many years ago; in the past.

And in these moments of the Eternal Now, which they call “day”, it does look like I am being celebrated, loved, cherished.

There are cakes, wines, food, gifts, flowers… even a technology gadget that helps me communicate with my loved ones who are apparently not physically next to me, or with the world if I wanted to.

And oooh, the company, those messages in the cards… the heart warming moments manifested into some warm feelings in the chest, some tears forming at the corner of the eye or just contagious merry laughter…

As I seem to be able to, and prefer to – I record them in writing posts on my social media for my own remembrance. And naturally, they will be commented.

A new comrade wrote in and said “it feels like you are in Love”. Lols.
Actually, I am Love, having it reflect back. Truth.

So they say, the best gift is the one you give yourself.

If that is the case, I guess the best gift I could and can ever give myself on this day is to remember, and realise that this day had never happened, except in a dream; that I am able to forgive myself for what I thought happen, reclaiming my innocence, and realise that I’ve never left Him, always remaining His Beloved Son, as He created me.

And this gift, as I giveth onto myself, is also a gift blessed onto my brothers and sisters.

What other holier gift is there to give in which blesses me in blessing others, and blesses others in blessing me?

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